"My want has
burning fingers;
You are the first
person not to
ask me to put
out all my light."
i cannot tell you how fantastic it feels to be allowed to burn after years of being given fire extinguishers as birthday presents, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)
Track Title: Happy Little Pill

Artist: Troye Sivan

Album: TRXYE


happy little pill | troye sivan

Track Title: Touch

Artist: Troye Sivan

Album: TRXYE


Touch - Troye Sivan

Standing in the eye of the storm

My eyes start to roam

To the curl of your lips

In the center of eclipse

In total darkness, I

I reach




Track Title: Pray for you

Artist: Troye Sivan



Track Title: Heartbreak Girl

Artist: Troye Sivan

I know this is a relatively old video from Troye’s channel but it’s gotta be one of my fav covers of a 5SOS song :)

original video
Track Title: Gasoline

Artist: Troye Sivan

Album: TRXYE - EP


Please bathe me now, wash me clean

Just set my heart on fire, like gasoline

Track Title: Fun

Artist: Troye Sivan

Album: TRXYE [EP]


Fun - Troye Sivan - TRXYE [EP]

"I’d pick her over me, too."
— a six word story (via kawaiied)


I envied the moon for
Shining over you and
I envied the stars that
Your beautiful green eyes
Gazed upon.
I wanted nothing more than to
Kiss your eyelids as the
Morning sun does so each passing day.

I spent countless nights
Cursing the train travelling along the tracks for
Failing to bring me to you.
How I wished I could of kissed you
Good night instead of kissing you
Good bye.

The train tracks lead to you,
When your eyes gaze upon
Mine the stars burn with
Envy across the night sky,
When I kiss your skin the sun will
Shy away out of sight.
Every kiss is a kiss good night,
Never a kiss good bye.

[[What do you guys think?]]